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16258 Gooseneck Road
Salado, TX 76571
Round Pens
We call them round pens, this is where the Master does his work.  A round pen is a safe place where a trainer can train a horse keeping himself and the horse from harm.

3C has round pens better known to most as home bible studies.  They meet at various times and places but they are a place that is safe for all to get to know one another and allow God to work in and through their life.

Below is a list of our current round pens:


Digby/York Round Pen meets 6-8pm in the York home, 4 S. Ebbtide, Morgan's Point.  Call 254-718-7191 

Wooley Round Pen meets 6-8pm at 3C Cowboy Fellowship.  Call 254-913-0167

Mending Fences Round Pen meets 6-8pm at 3C Cowboy Fellowship.


Britt Women's Round Pen meets 6-7:30pm in the home of Dana Britt, 6174 Wells Lane, Salado, or in the home of Sherry Jackson, 680 Hackberry Rd., Salado.  Call 254-740-7565 or 254-947-5944 for location. 


3C Sisters Round Pen meets Noon-1pm at 3C Cowboy Fellowship.  Call 254-947-7211